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Hover Sales South Africa. Your leading Aircraft sales company situated in Mpumalanga, South Africa. 
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Looking to buy or sell an aircraft? With our inventory of machines in both the fixed and rotary wing sectors we will find the right aircraft to match your needs and your budget.

Be it New or pre-owned we can source, ship and register your aircraft from anywhere on the globe. The preconception that you have to buy from the dealer to validate your warranty is a thing of the past.

We buy from the dealer on your behalf to secure the best price as well as your after sales service. Please speak to our team about your needs.

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Office: +27 79 886 6851

Saphire Blue Aviation

Helicopter Charter operations based from various sites across the country. We specialise in finding the right aircraft and flight crew for your specific needs.

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Helicopter Charter operations based from various sites across the country.  We specialise in finding the right aircraft and flight crew for your specific needs. From the capture of your high value exotic game to the demanding needs of the Film industry. 

We tailor make Helicopter Rides to suit your needs,  no matter where you want to go.

Be it that special flight with your loved ones or a last minute emergency that only a helicopter can fulfil.  Contact our Logistics team to arrange your personal Helicopter.

Office: +27 79 886 6851

Saphire Blue Training

With a Flight School based in South Africa’s Eastern ‘Lowveld’ and we pride ourselves in exposing our students to normal operations as well as hot and high aircraft performance.

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With a Flight School based in South Africa’s Eastern ‘Lowveld’ and we pride ourselves in exposing our students to normal operations as well as hot and high aircraft performance.

Our Chief Flight Instructor was initially licensed in 1995 and all our instructors have been trained within our organisation thus continuing our safety philosophy.

From PPL(H) to CPL(H) including Turbine, Sling, Game, IF, Night, Instructors and Specific Type Ratings, we can give you the best platform to start your Aviation Career.

For any questions or PPL cost, Please Call, email us or come by the school for a chat.

Office: +27 79 886 6851

Saphire Blue Drones

With a Flight School based in South Africa’s Eastern ‘Lowveld’ and we pride ourselves in exposing our students to normal operations as well as hot and high aircraft performance.

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Start your journey becoming a professional drone pilot today! QUICK, EASY AND RELIABLE!

At Saphire Blue Drones, you will learn from experts in both manned and unmanned aviation. Our CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) accredited training course will guide you through all the theory and practice required to obtain your South African Remote Pilot License.

Your first step in qualifying to commercially operate a multi-rotor RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) under the auspices of a company that holds a ROC (RPAS Operators’ Certificate) in South Africa.

Why Saphire Blue Drones?
We are CAA approved. Our instructors have years of experience in both manned and unmanned aviation. We never cancel a course so your booking is always guaranteed. Our dual instructor format and small class size provides an ideal learning environment. It is hassle-free – we take care of all the admin with CAA


Office: +27 79 886 6851

Our Helicopter Services

Who We are

Hover.co.za is a turnkey aviation solution centre. We come from a Rotor Wing background and pride ourselves on delivering a safe, economical and reliable service for all aviation needs. Our business has consistently grown from a rotor wing training organisation based in the most scenic part of our Country to a complete aviation solution centre.  We pride ourselves on providing our clients and students with solid information, advice and service to allow them to make the most of their aviation needs. We currently operate Rotor wing aircraft in both the ‘High Veld’ (Johannesburg) and the ‘Lowveld’ (Nelspruit). With the combination of high and low altitude, our pilots have a fantastic understanding of the performance relationship between lift and density altitude. Our co-operations with Maintenance Organisations are equipped and staffed to carry out general maintenance, on site snags and repairs as well as complete refurbishments and overhauls to all makes and models.  They also carry a great inventory of spare parts both new and reconditioned.

Aircraft for Sale

Our Sales Team at Hoversales.co.za are Commercial pilots themselves with a great wealth of knowledge and understanding of both Rotor and Fixed wing aircraft for sale in South Africa. Whatever your aircraft needs, requirements or dreams are we will source, supply and advise you on the best way forward. Be it value for money, resale value or dollar based asset hedging.  We have a great inventory of aircraft at Hoversales.co.za

Please visit our charter package page to get an idea on what we can offer in the way of local adventure experiences or make a special request and we would be happy to build a custom package for you.


For Helicopter ratings and Testing, helicopter hire or perhaps feel the experience of flying in one, Hover.co.za is the ultimate place to be.

Our services include Helicopter Charters, Helicopter Hire and Helicopter Training. If you want a taste of flying a helicopter, we have a range of flight experience packages. Our pleasure flights, scenic flights and helicopter rides, allow you to choose where you would like to fly to, perhaps see your house from the air, while our helicopter tours take you over places of local interest.

Based at the Nelspruit Airport, Mpumalanga, South Africa, we have a wide range of helicopters from the popular Robinson to the commercial Bell Jet Ranger 206, as well as the luxurious Bell Longranger.

We have recently concluded a third year with ‘I am a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ having 12 Bell helicopters in the air in one shot as well as various UH 1H (Huey) operations and chopper skydiving from the BK 117 850 and a DC3

We offer a advice on training solutions as well as training towards becoming a professional pilot in various fields of helicopter operations.

Our services also include new and pre owned helicopter sales. We have proudly put more than 15 new aircraft owners in the cockpit every year since 2012. This includes brand new Robinsons as well as Bell, Eurocopter and now the new Marenco.

We are registered aircraft and aviation importer and exporter and have recently imported aircraft from Robinson R44 to Bell Jetrangers and Longrangers and the much admired Eurocopter Gazelle and Alouette.

Helicopter Services

 Corporate, VIP and Wedding Charters by Helicopter
 Helicopter Sightseeing Tours, Helicopter Flips, Helicopter Rides and Helicopter Gift Flying Packages for special occasions
 Helicopter Maintenance Management
 Aerial photography and Filming by helicopter
 Private Pilot Licence Training (PPLH) – Consultancy and package building and advice
 Commercial Pilot Licence Training (CPLH) – Consultancy and package building and advice
 Helicopter Introductory Flying lessons
 Helicopter Avionics Service/s
 New and pre-owned Robinson Helicopter Sales– We have successfully sold numerous Robinson Helicopters including R22, R44 and the R66 Turbine.  We now also offer the new revolutionary Marenco through our Company Group Partner, Saphire Blue
 Helicopters for Sale – Other Pre Owned makes available

Helicopter Experience

We have been actively involved in the Helicopter industry in Southern Africa for over 20 years.

Our experience covers: Helicopter Training, Helicopter Charters, New and Pre-owned helicopter Sales, Helicopter Maintenance and Repairs.

Some say you cannot buy experience. This is definitely true in our sector of business. Almost everything in our industry relates back to safety. Safety is paramount and experience buys safety.

The Hover.co.za team consists of highly experienced Pilots, Admin Staff, Sales Advisors and Logistics.  Whether we are taking you to or from your wedding venue or flying 15 Celebrities to 5 stars lodges in the Private Parks of Southern Africa, we pay attention to every detail to ensure your experience is smooth, safe and convenient.

New & Pre Owned Robinson Helicopters for sale

New Robinson R22, R44 and R66 Helicopters for sale Having delivered many new Robinson products to our clients over the last five years we are proud to say we share a bond with our aircraft owners that will take them through their aviation careers.

Many of these buyers have traded their aircraft in with us to move onto bigger or newer machines and many have and will stay with their Robbies for life.

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