Helicopter Mountain Flying Course

A mountain flying course is imperative for any helicopter pilots personal CV.  Mountains can present you as a pilot, with many different scenarios.  Have you got the experience to be able to handle any situation?

Varying winds and high altitude flying around mountains, to name but a few, are important challenges for any pilot to understand and master.  At altitude the air is less dense, and your power is less too.  Learn how to master limited power take off’s, as well as hovering with less power.  Oh! Did we tell you that the wind is something else to think about?  Around mountains, winds cause instant pressure differences, not enjoyable when you have no experience.  A wind may be making its way gently up a mountain, but the speed of the wind down the other side is not necessarily the same……

Our Mountain flying course will offer you the opportunity to challenge yourself on these extremities.

As we always say, there is no price on safety, get yourself accredited with our mountain flying course today.