Robinson Safety Course 2012

The 2012 Hover Robinson Safety Course held in Johannesburg was a great success for all pilots concerned as well as our Robinson Dealership.

We would like to thank Timothy (Tim) Tucker, Chief Instructor to the Robinson Helicopter Company, for his great insight and presentation of helicopter safety, primarily within operations of the Robinson Type Helicopter with all three (R22, R44 and R66) models in mind.

The course content ranged from aircraft limitations, development and design to general operations and everyday tendencies of the Private as well as Commercial pilot not to mention Instructors.

Our attendance was covered by our own Student pilots, Private pilots as well as a good number of our current and future Robinson Aircraft Owners. The course covered two days of ground school gen and two days of practical flight with both Tim Tucker and Buzz Bezuidenhout (Buffi).

Reactions all round were extremely positive and our only regret is that we cannot hold this course often enough.  Unfortunately due to Tim’s time constraints we could not accommodate many more within the class and for those who could not attend we would be happy to convey as much of the message from the course within our next dual checks and re-currency flights.  So all is not lost to those not able to attend.

For those who did attend we know you have taken a wealth of knowledge from both Tim and Buzz and we hope this will give you a great step up in your flying careers both in safety and knowledge.

Again we would like to thank all those involved in making this course possible primarily you the Pilots and the Robinson Helicopter Company through Tim Tucker.

Happy Flying and Safe Landings


Chief Pilot
Hover Mpumalanga